Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Matcha Labs launched a redesigned responsive website for New York’s design museum, Cooper Hewitt
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Sports Finder

Sports Finder

Sports Finder is a new startup based in London, with ambitions to become a popular social network where people can create and search for sporting events in their local area.
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Site migration to WordPress and bespoke templates
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Cardiff University - iPad App

Cardiff University

An iPad app for Cardiff University’s International Office. This app is used around the globe by the marketing team to quickly capture details of potential students at the numerous events that are held throughout the year.
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Gower Brewery

Beautiful eCommerce solution built with Shopify
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Meta Slider

Meta Slider is a flexible, intuitive slideshow administration plugin for WordPress that leaves the heavy lifting to a selection of open source jQuery libraries.
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More Drinks

More Drinks is an up and coming health drinks brand in need of a website and a mobile application to help them spread the word about their products.
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Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum

Matcha Labs worked with Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, merging 3 existing websites into a single, responsive WordPress powered website.
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Royal Institute of British Architects

The development of a prototype mobile web application for the Royal Institute of British Architects. Used for demonstration purposes, the prototype provides a sample of the functionality to be offered by a final product.

Workout Plan

With over 200,000 downloads worldwide, Workout Plan is the number one choice for creating your custom workouts and planning your weekly exercise routine.
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Celtic Academy

Celtic Academy wanted a visually striking site, that they could easily maintain.
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A Passion for Homes

A brand new WordPress website for A Passion for Homes, a website for people passionate about property and homes. Launched on Valentines day this year.
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Root4 Logo


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Matcha Labs provided iOS and mobile development consultancy for Root4. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.

Lily Auchincloss Foundation

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Matcha Labs redesigned the Lily Auchincloss Foundation website, providing a fresh new look and a content management system based on the WordPress publishing platform.

Core Conditioning

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We worked closely with Core Conditioning to design a modern and attractive WordPress based site, in order to fully show off the quality of services that the company offers.

Amanda Protheroe-Thomas

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Celebrity Amanda Protheroe-Thomas gave us the brief of developing a site that acts as a showcase of her experience as a TV Presenter. She wanted a site with a clean design focussed on providing producers with easy access to her video showreel, high quality imagery and portfolio.

Made By Moon

Matcha Labs provided consultancy services for Made By Moon, a leading digital agency in Cardiff. We collaborated on an exciting project for a major academic client that's launching later this year.

James Alexandrou

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A WordPress based website for actor, writer and director James Alexandrou. The site provides a central source of information on his projects, including Cowboys, a film shortlisted for the Rushes SOHO Shorts film awards this summer.


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Run multiple stopwatches from our app, which has been downloaded over 20,000 times worldwide. Ideal for athletics, motorsport, swimming, and even science experiments!

Counters for iPhone

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An app for counting things, whether it's how many glasses of water or pieces of fruit you've had, or indeed anything else! We built this app during a 'hack day' to see if a useful app could indeed be created in a single day!

WordOut for iPhone

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WordOut is our social media productivity app for iPhone, aimed at helping you post to your Facebook account and multiple Twitter accounts, FAST!