Sports Finder is a new startup based in London, with ambitions to become a popular social network where people can create and search for sporting events in their local area. The Sports Finder team engaged Matcha Labs to help establish their brand, and to build the initial version of their product.


Through a series of initial workshops we were able to establish the minimum set of requirements for an initial release of the website, and to qualify the direction and approach we should take when designing the logo and brand.

An agile approach was adopted to speed up the overall delivery of the project. This allowed us to complete the design and branding work in parallel to development, whilst also allowing the client to regularly review progress and provide feedback.

We chose Ruby on Rails as the development framework. The number of open source libraries available help speed up development and therefore reduce cost. As these libraries are actively supported and already in use by thousands of websites, we can be confident of the applications stability, scalability and security.

Conclusion was soft launched in spring 2014. We look forward with great interest as the Sports Finder team now work on marketing and PR activities and seek to create complementary iOS and Android applications.

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